A VIP, or Very Important Person, is a group, rank, and tag in the TerraNova community. The tag is a pure white color with the word VIP. It's prefixed onto the names of users on the website.

Becoming a VIPEdit

There's no "easy" way to become a VIP. To put it simply, you have to be a major contributor (not including your regular duties/roles) to the server or a donator.


The benifits of a VIP depend on why you're a VIP. For example, "Youngster" is a VIP for being a major contributor to the Wiki (creating/coding the homepage). Therefore, his benifits are wiki administration permissions and a few customized in-game and website features.

Current VIPsEdit

Youngster - Coding the Wiki/Wiki Assistance

Popstarfreas - Coding Plugins/General Coding/Plugin Assistance

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