I am sad to have to write this, but it is true.  I am leaving TerraNova.  I have had a great time on this server and I have enjoyed every minute on it, but I must go as I have MANY things to do in real life and I am starting to fall behind in things such as Terra Nova.  I will miss you all and I will still visit the forums from time to time and on the server once in a while too.  I might even drop by the wiki some as I always did love the wiki.  For the server though and my staff duties, I must retire.   I was hoping I would not have to come with this, but I truly have too much to do and not enough time to do it.  I had some really good times on this server, from when I was a new guest, all the way to when I was promoted to head admin (definitely the best though now it is level 5 staff member).  Farewell and I'll leave with good memories of the server and more importantly, good memories of my fellow staff members though many of the ones I knew so well are now gone. 


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