Staff TrainingEdit

Soon enough, newer staff and all additions will need required training. This will be administered by either Shaex or Silver Armor. They are both admins and very capable of getting you ready to deal with what the public throws at you. The training is not just learning the commands and when to use them, it teaches the judgment, situational awareness, and gives you the watchful that an efficient Staff member needs.

Elite MembersEdit

Elite Members will be allowed to ask for training, as it will definitely help them in their Moderator Applications. However, even though they might be newly promoted, all Moderators take precedence over any non-staff player.


You will have to confront Silver and Shaex independently about what days or times you would like. Shaex's Time Zone is US Eastern, and Silver has yet to tell us what his is.

Shaex normally operates around 10:00 PM - 12:30 AM unless it's the weekend or Friday.


If you are not staff when you begin training, you are not guaranteed a Staff position. It is only to get you familiarized with the commands before you actually obtain them. It speeds up the process and still allows enjoyment of the server. New moderators will

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