A tag is an attachment, usually prefixal, on a players name. Tags can be in-game or on TN's website and have brackets surrounding them.

List of TagsEdit

Automatic tags can vary from member tags to any number of ranks.


A tag in-game can signify a rank or award.


There's numerous ranks but here are the main ones.

  • Guest
  • Member
  • Elite Member
  • Trial Moderator
  • Moderator
  • Admin
  • Head Admin


The only awarding tag in-game is the POTW tag.


Website tags are a bit more complicated. There's many website tags with all different meanings, so we'll go through them.

Rank RelatedEdit

  • Head Admin - Signifies a Head Admin, gives the user access to all website tools, and allows moderation of all applications.
  • Admin - Signifies an Admin, gives the user access to a few website tools, and allows moderation of advanced applications.
  • Moderator - Signifies a Moderator and allows a user to accept/reject basic applications.
  • Trial Moderator - Signifies a Trial Moderator.
  • Elite Member - Signifies an Elite Member.
  • Member - Signifies a Member (or registered user).


  • Wiki Contributor - Signifies a player who contributes to the wiki daily.
  • Senior - Signifies a user who has been on TN for a long period of time and is trusted.
  • Contest Winner - Signifies a user has won a contest. Usually gives the user special site features.
  • Player of the Week - Signifies that this user has won the POTW award.


  • Web Admin - Signifies a user who has access to view and edit the whole website.
  • Tag Manager - Signifies players who can access, manage, and change tags.
  • TN Developer - Signifies a user who develops TerraNova's website.
  • Staff Trainer - Signifies a user who has access to train Trial Moderators and Elite Members.
  • Test Dummy - Anyone can be made a Test Dummy by a Staff Trainer. Test Dummies are used for staff trainings.

Custom TagsEdit

  • SkyWarrior
  • Old Republic
  • Academy

Other TagsEdit

  • Banned - Marks a banned website user.
  • Suspended - Marks a suspended Staff Member.

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