TerraNova's Steam Group is TNGaming. It's latest version was formed October 8th, 2012.


TN's original Steam group was formed sometime in April of 2012. It had gained around 80 members but was underused, resulting in a deletion. A new one was formed in July due to high request. Again, it was underused and got deleted. Then, once again, another one was formed and is still there today.



The current Steam group has 33 members. Three of those members are group admins while two are group moderators.


TerraNova's Steam group has no main purpose. It was previously used to select the POTW. However, that was switched to the main website. There are no forums on the Steam group as that is offered by the site aswell.


These are mainly for users creating their own steam group that is based off of TerraNova.

Owner OnlyEdit

  • Edit group description and avatar
  • Make a member an officer

Owner + OfficersEdit

  • Create/Edit Announcements
  • Choose POTW
  • Kick Members
  • Make chatroom public/private

Owner + Officers + ModeratorsEdit

  • Create/Edit Events
  • Kick Chatters
  • Ban Chatters
  • Invite chatters when chatroom is private
  • Delete comments


  • Invite users
  • Add comments