Hi! Welcome to the team! Or, if you're just a spectator reading this, welcome to this small article thingy! First 

things first. Don't screw up. NEVER, EVER, EVER screw up. Lets go over the rules that you shouldn't ever break.


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Moderator/Admin RulesEdit

- Do not break any global rules, obviously.

- Do not abuse any of your commands.

- Do not 'test' a command on anyone but yourself unless the person agrees to let you test it on them.

Do not let someone you don't trust play on your account. Anything they do will be reflected on you.

Do not PvP in ghost. One kill might be fine, but try to not make it a killing spree.

- Do not /heal during a PvP fight.

- Do not complain about a demotion/firing. You caused it.

- Do not change a persons group, including your own, to a group you do not have permission over.

- Do not go inactive without notice.10. Respond to someone who is requesting help.

- Change a person's group when you accept their application.

Those are some rules a trial-moderator has to follow. If you break one of them, you have 56% of still suceeding as a moderator. Here are some of my own rules that I personally think gets you at a higher chance of being a moderator PLUS being respected in the Terra Nova Community.

- Be nice to guests, be friendly to them and show them around.Edit
- Answer questions, and if you don't know it, suggest that you talk to someone who's rank is higher than you.Edit
- Don't be unfair or bossy. This causes your respect to go down.Edit
- Never play the blame game. Stop pointing fingers and point out evidence.Edit
- Don't throw random anger at someone. No matter how angry you are, try to control it and just say you're having a hard day.Edit

Here are some punishments if you break the server/website rules. These apply to all ranks, including staff.


Griefing1 - Permanent Ban

Hacking1 - Permanent Ban

Server Spam - Mute. Continuous violations will result in a kick or temporary ban.

Website Spam - All posts cleared and possible website ban.

Server Profanity - Mute and possible kick. Continuous violations may result in a temporary ban.

Website Profanity - Post removed. Continuous violations will result in a website ban.


 Punishments will vary for Staff. This includes Suspension and/or Demotion.


If you follow these tips/rules well and even more, better, you could get a promising chance of becoming a trusted, respected, and experienced moderator in the Terra Nova Community!

Good Luck!


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