Their JobEdit

Staff Members are hired on the server for 2 reasons.

  1. To Protect the Server from Potential Griefers
  2. To Help Players With Whatever Request They May Have

It's as simple as that. If they don't do this, they shouldn't be a staff member! Staff members should always at least try to help players as much as they can. Be warned, though, asking a staff member too many questions can annoy him. After that, she or he will probably stop answering your questions.


Staff Members have editorial and protection commands, along with a few discipline commands. There's too many to list, so please view them on the commands page. A staff member can check the history of any given block or sign to see who edited it and when. He can then use a command, for blocks, that reverts the changes of any typed user. A staff member can also use /ghost which turns them invisible to everybody. (This is stronger than invisibility potion)


A staff member's ranking system is fairly simple.

  1. Trial Moderator - A moderator on trial, has a few commands.
  2. Moderator - A full moderator, has all needed commands and extra.
  3. Admin - An administrator of the server. Admins are usually monitors of other TN features, like chats, IRC, the wiki, etc.
  4. Head Admin - Head admins control staff members and manage the server, usually developing it further.

Becoming a Staff MemberEdit

Players may become a Staff member by filling out a moderator app. Once that is accepted, the player will be placed on trial for exactly one week, but may be promoted early due to good behavior. After a trial period, the player becomes a full fledged mod and works his way up to Head Admin.


Inactivity is the main reason staff members get fired. Staff who are gone for one week will be considered "Semi-Inactive" and be demoted. Staff who are gone for two weeks will be considered "Inactive" and are fired. A staff member may prevent being fired by notifying a Staff Manager about his or her absense.

Can I talk to them?Edit

While some may not want to talk to you, most do. you can view the staff members list and click a name to be directed to their profile.


A trial moderator's tag


A moderator tag


An admin tag

Head Admin

A Head Admin's tag

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