TerraNova's Staff Blacklist is a list created by Staff Managers that defines users who are ineligible to become a Staff Member for a specific reason (usually for not following TN's community rules or something similar). Banned players are automatically considered blacklisted.

Permanent Blacklisters

  • Braeden - Griefed; Abused commands; Raged
  • TheOnly - Griefed; Abused commands; Raged
  • Chan - Excessive Rule Breaker (as Staff)
  • Sneaky - Impatience; Plagiarism
  • Makorav - Lying about being a previous L5 Staff
  • Seemslegit - Disrespecting Staff
  • Syllur - Manipulating Multiple Accounts, Avoiding Bans

Temporary Blacklisters

  • Evad - Inability to fulfill duties
  • CandyApple9121 - Disrespectful towards staff members and other players
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