Ranks on TerraNova can refer to in-game ranks (prefixes, permissions, chat color) or forum ranks.

Ranks by In-Game AuthorityEdit

  • Guest: A regular guest on the server. They have basic commands
  • Member - A guest who has filled out an application to become a member of TerraNova.
  • Elite Member - A member who has 30 forum posts. They have the ability to fill out a staff application.
  • Trial Moderator - A moderator who has filled out an accepted application to become a moderator will be placed on Trial with this tag for exactly one week.
  • Level 2 Staff - The level after trial. People in this level have the power to accept/reject member applications and make users members without filling out an application.
  • Level 3 Staff - A level 3 staff member. They have no specialties.
  • Level 4 Staff - A level 4 staff member. They can make users elite member without having them post 30 times.
  • Head Admin - The highest level of Staff. They can accept/reject all applications, promote staff, demote staff, and much more.

Forum RanksEdit

  • Lurker - 0 Posts
  • Newbie (Unlocks Member Application) - 10 Posts
  • Average Poster (Unlocks Staff Application) - 30 Posts
  • Elite Poster - 75 Posts
  • Rapid Poster - 150 Posts
  • Semi-Head Poster - 300 Posts
  • Head Poster - 500 Posts
  • Master Poster - 750 Posts
  • Legendary Poster - 1000 Posts

Forum GroupsEdit

Forum ranks allow users to gain permissions.

  • Guest - Any user that's not logged-in to the forum is in this group.
  • Regular Member - Any logged-in user that is not assigned to a group.
  • Moderator - A user will have this rank if he's the moderator of the current board.
  • Staff (L1) - A level one staff member will be placed in this group.
  • Staff (L2) - A level two staff member will be placed in this group.
  • Staff (L3) - A level three staff member will be placed in this group.
  • Staff (L4) - A level four staff member will be placed in this group.
  • Staff (L5) - A level five staff member will be placed in this group.
  • Global Moderator - Same as a moderator but with all boards.
  • Forum Administrator - Allows a user to access all forum features and edit anything.

Forum TagsEdit

Tags either assign clans or are for show.

  • Support Agent - A TN staff who has access to the Support Desk
  • Architects - A TN subclan.
  • The Sorcerers - A TN subclan.
  • Quicksilver - A TN subclan.

Other Positive RanksEdit

  • Staff Trainer - Staff Trainers gain this tag. Staff trainers... well... train staff.
  • Player of the Week - The Player of the Week gets this tag to show his sportsmanship and to change his post color.
  • TN Developer - All TerraNovian Developers recieve this tag to show their contribution to TerraNova.

Discipline Related RanksEdit

  • Suspended - Any staff that breaks multiple rules will be suspended. Suspension times vary depending on the severity of the punishment(s).
  • Banned - Anyone banned from the website will have this tag.
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