TerraNova respects the privacy of all it's members and staff. It is against the rules to disclose any type of personal information and as such is against the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Exception: Staff members may disclose personal information about it's users between other staff members when deemed necessary.
Personal information includes but is not limited to:
1. Full Names
2. Addresses
3. Places of Work
4. Phone Numbers
5. IP Addresses
6. Personal Messages
7. Usernames
8. Passwords
9. Password Hints
10. Personal Photos
11. Social Networking IDs

1. Full names are usually shown on support tickets and Staff applications. If a user defines his name on his profile, it is public.
2. Addresses have never been an issue in TerraNova. We should keep it that way ;)
3. 80% of TerraNovians are too young to have jobs, so this shouldn't be an issue.
4. Phone Numbers are sometimes mentioned on Skype. Use caution when disclosing your phone number. If you happen to have the phone number of another TerraNovian, keep it to yourself.
5. The IP Address of a user is recorded on the forum, Wiki, and in-game. A Staff Member should never mention the IP of another user to anyone but other Staff for tracking, recording, and banning purposes.
6. Personal Messages are exactly that. Personal. If you get sent a message, you should not forward it to another user. No one except database administrators (such as myself) can see personal messages.
7. Usernames can be different from display names. Usernames are half of someones account. Usernames should not be disclosed publicly.
8. Passwords are the other half of an account. Passwords are highly encrypted in the site's database. No one can see it except yourself, so never tell anyone your password.
9. Password hints have the chance of giving away your password. They shouldn't be told to anyone.
10. Personal (in-real-life) photos should only be "spread around" or displayed by the owner.
11. Social networking ID's, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Steam, or Google Plus, should only be given by their proper owner. It is your responsibility to keep your ID secret. It's highly suggested that you don't shout it out on the server but instead PM or whisper it.