The Player of the Week tag displayed on the website. Created by Nico

Player of the Week

What is it, in short?Edit

A Player of the Week is a person who is recognized by his good character. POTW's earn a spotlight on the site and earn special commands. POTW's can be recognized in-game and on the forum.

Okay... What's so special about them?Edit

There's nothing extremely special about them, but they were voted to be the Player of the Week out of approximately 20 other players, so they obviously have the respect of the community.

Anything special?Edit

Sure. POTW's earn a customizable chat color in-game, the ability to enable Rainbow chat on themselves, a customizable forum text color, and a customizable forum tag. Not to mention bragging rights!

How do I vote for POTWs?Edit

You can vote for a POTW simply by going to the poll located here. There you can up-vote anyone on the list.

I wanna enter!Edit

You can enter the POTW poll by going to the poll (again, located here), scrolling to the bottom, and adding your name to the list. Easy peasy!

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