This page is to tell a bit about TN's old ranking system (L1-L5 ranks).

The staff ranks used to be Level 1 through Level 5. L5 was the highest and L1 was the lowest.

Page with old ranks found in the forum archive:

Staff List - 0 replies - By Nico (Developer)

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A list of registered site users can be found here. Anyone who has not joined the server or posted in the forum within a week will be considered as an unconfirmed inactive account. If another week passes with no word from that user, they will be confirmed as inactive and will be moved to an inactive state. Going inactive for a month will cause you to loose any status with Terrarian Explorers unless your inactivity is posted in the forums (In other words, give a warning of you going inactive.)

If a web moderator modifies anything on this list, please list it in the change log. Level 5 Staff Members

  • Wolf
  • Evad
  • Adobo

Level 4 Staff Members

  • Gideon

Level 3 Staff Members

  • Braeden
  • Tardbushwaker12

Level 2 Staff Members

  • Xaivier
  • iitoxiic
  • Pieisverygood
  • Fangblade

Level 1 Staff Members

  • AntOwnsOkay
  • Chowder
  • Managers
  • Evad - Web Manager
  • iiToxiic - Forum Manager


  • Removed Carrots (Fired)
  • Changed Braeden to L3 (Promoted)
  • Changed iitoxiic to L2 (Demoted)
  • Changed Evad to L5 (Promoted)
  • Changed Tardbushwaker12 to L2 (Promoted)
  • Changed Gideon to L3 (Promoted)
  • Removed Shaex (Retired)
  • Removed Hakai (Quit)
  • Removed POTW (Wolf)
  • Changed Gideon to L4 (Promoted)
  • Changed Tardbushwaker12 to L3 (Promoted)
  • Changed Pieisverygood to L2 (Promoted)
  • Removed "This list was last updated" message at the top. People can just look at the edit time below.
  • Removed Jazz (Fired)
  • Added Chowder to L1 (Hired)
  • Added Fangblade to L1 (Hired)
  • Changed Adobo to L5 (Promoted)
  • Changed Fangblade to L2 (Promoted)