The Moderation Center is a control panel accessible by Forum Moderators and Administrators. It contains advanced moderation tools to help the forum and prevent spam.

The Moderation Center
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  • Main
    • Moderation Center
      • SMF Latest News
      • Moderator Notes
      • Recent Topic Reports
      • Recent Watched Members
    • Moderation Log
    • Warnings
      • Log
      • Custom Templates
    • Watched Members
      • Member
      • View by Post
  • Posts
    • Unnapproved Posts
      • Replies
      • Topics
    • Unnapproved Attachments
    • Reported Posts
      • Active Reports
      • Old Reports
  • Preferences
    • Change Settings


Moderation CenterEdit

The moderation center, or the main page of the moderation panel, contains SMF news, recent topic reports, recent watched members, and moderator notes. All these options can be turned on or off in the Preferences section.

SMF NewsEdit

Displays all the latest news from Simple Machines.

Moderator NotesEdit

Forum Moderators can leave notes for other moderators to see.

Recent Topic ReportsEdit

Displays all topics that have been reported by members.

Recent Watched MembersEdit

Forum members who have a warning level of 15% or more will appear here.

Moderation LogEdit

Displays all moderator actions including post edits, topic removals, topic moves, and topic locks. Logs can be deleted after 24 hours.


Displays all forum users who have warnings issued to them.

Warning LogEdit

Displays warnings assigned to users. Displays who issued the warning, when, and for what reason.

Custom TemplatesEdit

Displays custom warning templates. When issuing warnings, these templates may be used depending on their settings and scenario.

Watched MembersEdit

Members who have a warning level above 15% will appear here.

View by MemberEdit

You can view warning levels per users.

View by PostEdit

If a warning was given for a specific post and was above 15% it will appear here.


Unnaproved PostsEdit

Displays posts that need approval because the poster has a warning level above 30%


Displays unnapproved replies.


Displays unnapproved topics.

Unnaproved AttachmentsEdit

Displays attachments, such as pictures or files, awaiting approval.

Reported PostsEdit

Displays posts reported by forum users.

Active ReportsEdit

Reports that have not been reviewed.

Old ReportsEdit

Reports that are 24 hours old and have been reviewed.


Allows you to select a variety of options.

  • Items to show on moderation homepage:
    • SM News
    • Moderator Notes
    • Reported Posts
    • Recent Watched Members
  • Show open report count in forum header? (Tickbox)
  • Notify of topic reports?
    • Always
    • Only if it's a board I moderate
    • Never
  • Notify of items awaiting approval? (Tickbox)
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