A Minigame in TerraNova is any game inside the game itself. For a game to be a minigame, it must meet certain requirements.


  • The game must have one or more hosts.
  • The game must have two or more participants.
  • The game must have an object. In otherwords, someone must be able to win.
  • The game must have obsticles, whether they are mental objects or phyisical objects.

Minigame CommandsEdit

These commands are available for all minigames.


  • /out <player> - Warps a player to spawn, essentially kicking them out of the game.
  • /say<game initials> <players needed> - Announces your minigame and how many players are needed. Example: /sayhg 5 announces that the Hunger Games are starting and require 5 more players.
  • /check <player> - Checks a player's armor, ammo, and the first row of his/her inventory.


  • /lt - Warps you to the Laser Tag arena. Add's [LT Participant] to your name.
  • /hg or - Warps you to the Hunger Games arena. Add's [HG Participant] to your name.
  • /leave - Warps you to the spawn. Removes your nickname.

Current MinigamesEdit

Hunger Games (Created by many users)

Laser Tag (Created by Youngster502)

Class Wars (Created by scaw212)

Sumo (Created by DrDucky101 and other people)

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