Member is the normal rank you get when you join the website and fill out the application.  They have more commands than Guest but less than Elite Member.  

Full List of Commands (copied from handbook)Edit

/register - Self explanitory /login - Self explanitory /tpa name - Sends a teleport request to a player. /tpahere - Sends a teleport here request to a player. /tpaccept - Accepts a teleport request. /tpdeny - Denies a teleport request. /spawn - Teleports to the spawn point. /password oldpassword newpassword - Changes your password. /helpop - Sends a message to all online staff. /near - Displays all near players. /realname nickname - Displays the real name of a player using a nickname. /box - Shows the help dialog for boxes. /die - Suicides. /b - Teleports you back to your death point. /sethome homename - Sets your home. Max of ten. /myhome homename - Teleports you to your home. /ping - Shows your connection speed to the server. /bunny - Gives you a bunny. /shine - Makes you shine. /grav - Buffs you with gravitation potion. /sset - Protects a sign. /pos - Displays your position. /sunset - Unlocks a sign. /ruler - Displays a ruler in the chat. /whisper - Whispers to players. /p - Sends a message to your team. /warp - Warps to a location. This does not give you access to create warps. cset - Protects a chest. /me - Talks in third person.

/sitem - Searches for an item or it's ID. /item - Spawns the specified item. Format: /item "Item Name/ID" amount prefix /= - Repeats your last command. /tp name - Teleports to a player without asking them.