The Latest Activity feature on displays recent status updates, new users, new threads,donations, announcements, gallery uploads, user records, online users record, and events.

Recent Site ActivityEdit

This is the main module on the page. Staff Members can post directly on the wall, but it automatically displays the following.

  • New Users - Users are displayed anytime someone joins the site.
  • New Threads - All new threads are listed.
  • Donations - Donators and their pay amount are shown.
  • Announcements - Staff Members can post announcements.
  • Gallery Uploads - Anytime someone uploads a photo to the Gallery it displays a message here.
  • User Record - When 50+ new users join the site. Example: Announcements are made when 500 people join, 550, 600, etc.
  • Online User Record - Displayed when the site's user peak is reached. Ex. When over 20 people are online.
  • Events - Displays any custom-made events.

Recent Status UpdatesEdit

Displayed on the left side of the page, this module displays any site user's status updates.

Recent RegistrationsEdit

displayed on the right side of the page, this module displays any recent site registrations. Members are usually listed here the most.

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