Laser Tag
Type PvP
Min. Players 2
Max. Players Infinite
Character Type Any
Weapon/Armor Restrictions Must use Laser Rifle

Laser Tag is a PvP minigame made originally by Youngster with some help in the server of TerraNova. The game consist in two teams (Blue and Red) fighting in an arena.


The game is a normal PvP minigame where two teams fight for victory in an arena. Each team can hold up to 8 players and spectators. The bases of each team are in every edge of the map. Blue is left, Red is right. Every team starts with beds (to make spawn), chests filled with space guns, mana stars, crystal hearts and identify armor (cobalt and adamantite armor) that need to be equipped in the social slot (due because it will be unbalanced). The victorious team is the one that has more kills.


The arena consist in a big place where the two teams fight for victory. It's divided in 3 places: mid lane, top tunnel and underwater tunnel. It's located near Kyle's house and a player can enter via warp ( /lt or /LTA).


The minigame is still in work and will get evolving slowly through time

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