An incorrect punishment is, as the name suggests, a user who was punished unfairly or in a way that he should have recieved a different punishment. Chat offenses should be punished within the chat, while out-of-chat offenses should be punished out of the chat. Incorrectly punishing someone is fairly easy for a Staff Member. However, he/she may recieve a warning for it if it is a major offense.

Example 1Edit

Shaex continously types in caps.

Nico kicks Shaex.

This is an incorrect punishment, as Nico should have muted him.

Example 2Edit

Shaex griefs.

Nico mutes Shaex.

Although it may seem weird, this has actually been done before. It's obviously incorrect and does nothing. Nico should haved jailed, kicked, or banned Shaex.

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