The Hunger Games in TerraNova is protrayed off of the Hunger Games novel and movie. It is a minigame that can

Hunger Games
Type PvP
Min. Players 4
Max. Players 18
Character Type Hardcore
Weapon/Armor Restrictions Both

be played by typing /warp HG or /HG.


The Hunger Games in TN was created by Scaw212, Goldpker, Spark, DrDucky101, and Arielmich.


  1. Your character must be a new, hardcore
    Hunger Games

    Hunger Games

    Hunger games. By the way ignore my starter it's just what I do for youtube.

    character. No previous weapons, accesories, armor, or ammo is allowed.
  2. You must obey the hosts.
  3. There may not be any teams. This may be changed in the future. Hosts will also be checking for any teams.


Gameplay is very simple and easy to understand.

  1. A player enters a starting block. Each starting block is a 4-block wide area with 1 chest. Inside the chest is a copper broadsword, full copper armor, a wooden bow, and 100 wooden arrows. The chests are set to refill, so it's possible to take more arrows if needed. However, it wouldn't matter, as you would not survive that long.
  1. The hosts start the match by closing the gates between each starting block and opening the gates leading into the arena.
  2. Players fight until only one is left standing.

Misc. ObjectsEdit

  • At the top of the arena, there are gold chests containing items that benefit whoever opens them.
  • The host area contains two switches. One controls the gates leading into the arena while the other controls the gates between starting blocks.


There are two types of players.


Hosts control and moderate the game. They are a modified version of a mod. They have the following commands.

  • /sayhg - Displays a message stating the Hunger Games are starting.
  • /out player - Sends a player to the spawn. Useful when a player is killed and warps back into the arena.
  • /check - Checks a players ammo, inventory, and armor.


Participants do what their name implies. They participate whenever the game is played. The only real command they have is /HG (or /hg) which warps them to the Hunger Games arena and turns their group to participant. They are a modified version of an Elite Member.

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