Abide by these tips and your chances of getting a staff app accepted could increase drastically.

First and most important thing to do is make sure you read through TN's handbookthoroughly and make sure you understand everything fully. But not only do you need to understand everything, you must also abide by everything.

A short list of bullet-points that you should follow.

§  Shouldn't annoy staff member about anything, be patient.(also don't continuously repeat their names, just call their names once and state your question.)

§  Shouldn't pm high staff member such as Nico if it's something minor and other staff can handle.

§  Shouldn't ignore the server/forum rules.

§  Should take his/her job seriously.

§  Should help whenever he/she can and co-operate with the staff team.

§  Should always listen to higher staff members or the people who are correct. (Swallow your pride)

§  Should never ever abuse his/her powers to gain something in return or to punish whenever you feel like.

§  Should never behave rudely towards any other player

This is pretty obvious, but I thought I would add it anyway.    

Common Sense
                                                                   Follow these tips, but also use common sense.  For instance, does common sense tell you that if you bug staff members and drive them crazy, they will want to approve your mod app even more?  Of course not, so follow these tips and use common sense.

To increase your chances you should be already aware of the rules and following them with full aspects, you shouldn't have a history of rule breaking or is known as a rule breaker.

For becoming a staff member you should be able to follow all server rules and obey them with respect.

You should be capable of understanding English to the finest and not need to use a translator to co-operate. 

You should be able to cope with the task you've been given by a higher staff member and you should be able to respect what has been laid down in-front of you.

Need help with something? Well, try to find it in this category. If you can't find it, I recommend creating the page yourself. If it's a question that you need help with, go ahead and contact a staff member.


NobleCross (talk) 06:42, December 23, 2012 (UTC)

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