If you have ever wanted to get rep but you dont know how to this is the place where I tell you. 1. Just be yourself and don't try and be someone that you are not. 2. Be as friendly as you can to other members of TerraNova by helping people if they need it and give advise if they want it. 3. Get involved with other players of TerraNova and get involved with the community as much as possible. 4. Make loads of friends and help them when needed so they come to like you more. 5. Do not show off and lie about your life so you get more friends because it is not really you ( This comes back to first point.). and 6. Post nice comments on other people's wall when they post nice thing's about you ( You should'nt really  have to of been told this you should do this anyway.) but make sure it is not spam. 7. Never ask for Rep because you wont get it and people will like you less for begging for it. 

These points are just some of the many ways you could get Rep but getting rep does is not always easy. The point's may look like you can get rep easy but it is not it take's a long time for people to like you as a person. On the TerraNova website wait for people to add you that way you know when they acctually like you and you also know when they like you because they post thing's on your wall and congrat you when you are promoted.

I hope this has helped you with getting Rep :)

Goldpker (talk) 11:48, January 1, 2013 (UTC)