Hey Guys! I'm going to tell how to start in Terra-Nova and how to be part of the communtiy! 

Step 1: Log in to the server and register by doing /register <password> and log in by doing /login <password>. You will have to login everytime you join the server.

Step 2: Get Building Permits by doing /build and then make some friends Like the saying "The more, the merrier~!"

Step 3: Get to the member rank by signing up and joining the website called (It's a Ejin Site) After that, Welcome to Terra-Nova's Communtiy~

Step 4: If you need some gear to start exploring , try the chests near the spawn. They have equipment for everyone to have.

Also, if you don't have any idea else to do in the server try any of these activities:

  • Fight in our auto boss battles~! If you need tips click here Link
  • Build epic buildings , towers, landmarks, etc... To make the server much more better!
  • PvP with other players