Groups are similiar to ranks. However, they're in-game and modify a users chat color, commands, prefix, and suffix.

Database GroupsEdit


The editor pane editing the group for Elite Members

A database editor is required to create, modify, and delete groups. The firefox addon SQLite Manager is used to edit TerraNova's database. All of TerraNova's groups were made from scratch.


This is the name that all commands must refer to when changing a user to this group.


This is the sub-group in which the current group will inherit permissions from. Think of it as a chain of permissions.


This is where all commands and permissions are given.


This is the RGB code used that tells the server what the chat color should show up as.


This is the attachment that is included before a persons name when they talk.


This is the attachment that is included after a persons name when they talk.

Changing GroupsEdit

Staff Members have various commands for changing groups. The most common is /gb user which changes a users group to "guest." Admins+ can use /cg user group to directly change a user to a specific group. All group changes are reported to the console and stored in logs.

Group Change

An example of a group change.

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