A Global Moderator is a position on TerraNova's forum that gives moderating tools to whoever has it. Global Moderators are similar to Board Moderators. However, global moderators, as the name impies, are moderators of almost all boards. Sensitive boards, such as the Important Topics board, are ineligible to be edited by Global Moderators. The FreeRoam Board is an area created to test moderator features.


The roster of current Global Moderators.

  • Nico
  • Erader
  • NobleCross
  • Bot (bot)


A list of all site permissions that a Global Moderator has. Basic permissions are not listed here, only moderator-related.

A Global Moderator can:

  • access the Moderator Center
  • issue forum warnings
  • delete accounts
  • register new accounts
  • edit other's custom title
  • approve topics
  • delete topics
  • lock topics
  • sticky topics
  • split topics
  • merge topics
  • mark topics as "Solved"
  • move topics
  • delete posts
  • modify posts
  • edit polls
  • lock polls
  • delete polls

Becoming a Global ModeratorEdit

The only way to become a Global Moderator is by having a forum administrator make you one. Only current Staff Members are eligable to become forum moderators. Board Moderators are assigned per board by forum administrators.