TerraNova's Database may refer to two things.

  1. The Server's Database - A collection of SQLite Tables automatically updated by server actions.
  2. Head Admins' Database - A Microsoft Office Access database accessible by any Head Admin containing

The Server's DatabaseEdit

The servers database is updated automatically as things happen in the server. Viewable by Nico using an SQLite manager.

The Server's Database


A table in a database is like a category. It separates one section from another.


Stores all AutoBan regions on the server. Includes the name, coordinates, width, height, and owners.


Stores all name and IP bans with a reason.


Stores all box names. Includes the coordinates, width, height, name, owners, allowed users, and whether it's protected or not.


Contains all created groups. Includes the group name, parent, commands, chat color, prefix, and suffix.


Contains all inventories for registered users. Only used for SSI, which is disabled on TerraNova.


Contains all banned items and which groups can use them.


Contains all regions. Includes the region name, coordinates, width, height, owners, allowed users, allowed groups, and whether it's protected or not.


Contains the positions of users when they leave the server. When they come back, the user will spawn where he or she left.


Contains every registered user on the server. Includes their name, password (encoded), and group.


Contains user-created warps. Includes the warp name, coordinates, and whether it's private or not.


Records permenantly muted users. Includes the user's name and IP.

Head Admins' DatabaseEdit

A database accessible by Head Admins. Hosted on Dropbox, this database only contains a few tables.



Used to record inactive staff members. Inclues the user, the inactive type, starting date, ending date, and punishment.

Planned InactivitiesEdit

When a staff member tells a head admin he's going to be inactive, they go here. Includes their name, starting date, ending date, and reason.

Position ChangesEdit

Anytime a staff member is hired, promoted, demoted, suspended, or fired their name, action, and positions are recorded here along with the date the action took place.


Contains all current and past staff members. Includes their in-game name, web name, wiki name, database ID, position, when they were hired, how many punishments they have, their experience rating, trustworthy level, and when/if they were released.


When a user recieves a warning, that warning is recorded on this table. Includes the reciever's name, the warning, when it was issued, the punishment, and when the warning/punishment expires.