TerraNova has many customizable commands to work with. If you need additional help with any of the commands listed, feel free to contact a staff member. If commands on this page are wrong or are missing, you may edit the page. Altering a command that does not need changed may result in a block.

Guest CommandsEdit

bunny - Gives you a pet bunny. It's the color of your shirt.
dinfo - Displays how long until the server restarts, if applicable.
helpop - Sends a message to all online staff.
ping - Displays how long it takes for the server to recieve your message.
getpos - Displays your X/Y coordinates.
realname <player> - Dispalys the real name of a player instead of his /nick(name)
die - Suicides
cset - Protects a chest wheras only you can enter it.
cunset - Unprotects a chest.
sset - Protects a sign

sunset - Unprotects a sign.
login <username> <password> - Allows you to login to another account.
me <message> - Sends a message in third person.
p <message> - Talks to your colored team.
password <old password> <new password>

Member CommandsEdit

  • /item - Spawns the specified item. Format: /item "Item Name/ID" amount prefix
  • /= - Repeats your last command.
  • /tp name - Teleports to a player without asking them.
  • /sitem searchterm - Searches for a specific item.

Elite Member CommandsEdit

  • /more all - Maxes out everything in your inventory.
  • /more - Maxes out your current item.
  • /nick - Sets your nickname.
  • /nick off - Removes your nickname.
  • /spawnmob - Spawns a friendly NPC or enemy.
  • /up - Teleports you one level up.
  • /down - Teleports you one level down.
  • /top - Teleports you to the top-most level.
  • /crefill - Sets a chest to refill itself.
  • /ptime - Set's your clients time. Useful for building. Does not stop mobs when the time is really night.
  • /butcher - Butchers all enemies.
  • /pick - Hit a block to get a max stack of that item.

Level 1 CommandsEdit

  • /kick player reason - Forces a user to disconnect from the server.
  • /ban add player reason - Forces a user to disconnect from the server. If they return, they get automatically kicked.
  • /mute player reason - Mutes a player. This disables chatting, whispering, and the use of /me.
  • /slap player damage - Forces damage onto a player.
  • /history - Displays the changelog of a block.
  • /rollback accountname time - Rolls back a player. Format: 1d2h3m4s
  • /disable player - Disables a player to the point where he/she can't move.
  • /gb <player> - Gives a player the ability to build.
  • /TP player - Teleports to a player without asking them.
  • /TPHERE player - Teleports a player to the executer without asking.
  • /ghost - Turns yourself invisible.

Level 2 CommandsEdit

  • /heal - Heals yourself.
  • /healall - Heals everyone on the server.
  • /buff - Buffs yourself.
  • /killr name reason - Kills a player with the specified reason.
  • /grow - Grows a tree/shrub/cactus/mushroom
  • /burn name - Sets a player on fire.
  • /time - Sets the server's time.
  • /clearitems - Clears all items near you.
  • /whois playername - Displays information on a player.
  • /rollback - Rolls a player back. Proper syntax: /rollback account time   Time is in 4d3h2m1s format.
  • /pinv - Shows player inventory help.
  • /pinf - Shows player info help.
  • /member <user> - Turns a user into a Member.
  • /emember <user> - Turns a user into an Elite Member. (Use only if user is an elite member on site)

Level 3 CommandsEdit

  • /ui - Views info on an online player.
  • /viewall - Displays where everyone is.
  • /invade - Starts/Ends a goblin invasion.
  • /killall - Self explanatory.
  • /sendas name - Sends a message as someone else.
  • /abs toggle - Toggles auto boss battles.
  • /abs force ID - Forces a boss ID.
  • /sudo name command - Forces a user to execute a command.
  • /socialspy - Shows whispers.
  • /freezetime - Freezes the time.
  • /additem- Bans an item.
  • /delitem - Unbans an item.
  • /cg account group - Changes an account's group.
  • /perms group - Displays the permissions for a certain group.
  • /modbal username amount 
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