A Channel, aka Chat Channel, is a sub-chat available in TerraNova. To use it, simply type /ch <channel name> and it will join that channel or create a channel if that channel doesn't exist.

The DifferenceEdit

What's the difference between Channels and regular chat? Well, before we get in to it, you should know that the regular chat is actually a channel, too. The channels name is "Global" and is the default channel for anyone joining the server. But still, what's the difference? Well, read on.

Private ChatEdit

Anyone in a channel who talks will only be heard/seen by other people in that specific channel. This means you and your clan members could plot an evil attack against the Rainbow Magicians if you wanted too.

Peace and QuietEdit

When creating a channel, that channel will be "cut-off" from the rest of the chat. This means that if you're in that channel, you can't hear anything else outside of that channel, including global chat. However, permanant channels (channels created in a text file Nico handles) have the option to turn this off. Most clan chats have this option off by default.