The Bunny is a background character that cannot harm players. Bunnies have only 5 health                              and can be damaged
by other mobs including the player, which almost always results in their instant death.

Bunnies will mainly spawn in the middle third of the above-ground world, and only on ordinary Grass. They can also spawn in areas nearby a house, including the Underworld.

During a Blood Moon, or when hit with Vile Powder, Bunnies will turn into Corrupt Bunnies, which have much more health and are aggressive.

Pet Bunny Edit

A user may obtain a bunny as a pet, which will follow the user around, by typing /bunny. If a user has the collectors edition of terraria, he or she may use a carrot to spawn a bunny. A pet bunny is always the color of the spawner's shirt. 
Bunny 2

Notes Edit

Corrupting and killing Bunnies appears to make more Bunnies spawn, regardless of whether it is day or night. Bunnies spawn near NPCs, causing them to sometimes spawn deep underground.

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