A banned item is an item, weapon, or potion that only Admins and Head Admins can use/place. It is against the rules for anyone who is not an admin to obtain, use, or place illegal or banned items.

Banned Items

Guide Voodoo Doll - Spawns the WOF (which is laggy)

Holy/Unholy Water and Hallow/Corrupt Seeds - Modifies biomes (can be used to grief if not handled carfully)

Dynamite, Explosives, Sticky Bomb, and Bomb - Easy griefing tools

Sandgun - Shoots sand (can be used to grief)

Lava Bucket - Easy griefing tool

1/3/5 Second Timer - Can be hooked up to pumps to automate water/lava flow causing grief.

Dart Trap - When too many are shooting at the same time, dart traps can cause lag.

Invisibility Potion - Used to troll PvPers

Inlet/Outlet Pumps - Used 90% of the time to transfer lava or water to where it's not suppose to be. (inside other's homes, on top of homes, on bare land, etc)

Tombstone - Can be placed and edited in protected areas.

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