Ban may refer to a user ban or an item ban.

Definition of a Ban - From WikipediaEdit

When banned, punishment is usually a form of ban from the service, either by deleting the guilty party's account or suspending it for a period of time. In extreme cases, the person's IP address may be blocked from the server to prevent them from simply creating another account, sometimes indefinitely; however, this particular action is rarely taken, as most Internet Service Providers allocate dynamic IPs to their customers which can change from time to time. These actions are usually invoked for such offenses as violating the website's Terms of Service, trolling, promoting prejudice, disrespect of moderators/administrators, or promoting illegal acts.

Being Banned from TerraNovaEdit

TerraNova has three forms of banning.

  1. In-Game Banning, the most common form of a ban.
  2. Website Banning
  3. Wiki Banning

1. In-Game Banning may take place when a user breaks an in-game rule such as griefing or hacking. In-Game bans are almost always permanent but may be revoked at any time.

2. Website Banning may occur when a user spams to become an Elite Member, usually following posts being deleted. Another reason for being web-banned is continuously posting profanity or breaking forum rules. Website banning is usually temporary.

3. Wiki banning (or edit-blocking) may occur when a user continuously vandalizes the Wiki, posts false information on pages, or rapidly creates short pages with little or no point(s). Wiki banning is usually temporary.

Being UnbannedEdit

There are two ways to be unbanned from TerraNova.

Appealing a BanEdit

When a user is banned, he/she has the right to appeal his/her ban. To do this, he/she may submit a support ticket to TerraNova using the Contact Us button on the side of any TerraNova webpage. The support ticket should explain why they were banned and why they should be unbanned.

Personal UnbanEdit

A personal ban occurs when a Staff Member unbans a user without having that user fill out an appeal. Staff Members, excluding Head Admins, are only allowed to unban users they banned.

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