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Current Staff MembersEdit

These users are currently employed as TerraNova Staff Members.

Level 5


Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Level 1

Staff LogEdit

Mar 14 - GamerAgain was promoted from L1 to L2 (Passed Trial)

Mar 14 - SkillzBoy was promoted from L1 to L2 (Passed Trial)

Mar 14 - Henrik was fired (Failed Trial)

Mar 10 - Serin was promoted from L3 to L4 (Good Performance)

Mar 9 - MrSandwich was hired

Mar 9 - beKraft was hired

Mar 8 - Ominethious was fired.

Mar 8 - Ominethious was hired

Mar 6 - SkilLzB0y was hired.

Mar 6 - Serin was promoted from L2 to L3 (Good Performance)

Mar 5 - Henrik's Trial Extended

Mar 5 - RarwChildren was fired.

Mar 5 - GamerAgain was hired.

Mar 1 - Sirlestia was demoted. (Failed trial due to inactivity)

Feb 26 - Scaw212 was demoted. (Inactivity)

Feb 26 - Orc Peon was released. (Inactivity, was at lowest level. Can rejoin as L2)

Feb 26 - Henrik was hired.

Feb 25 - Ominethious was released. (Failure to follow rules)

Feb 23 - Ominethious was promoted from L1 to L2 (Passed Trial)

Feb 23 - GamerAgain was released. (Failed Trial)

Feb 20 - Serin was hired.

Feb 20 - Sirlestia was hired.

Feb 18 - Syllur was released.

Feb 15 - Ominethious was hired.

Feb 15 - GamerAgain was hired.  

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