Active Stone Blocks and Inactive Stone Blocks are blocks that act as Mechanisms, such that when they are wired, their presence can be switched on or off.

When triggered, an Active Stone Block becomes an Inactive Stone Block, and vice-versa. Wires must pass through all Active/Inactive blocks that are to be triggered, and the wires must connect to a trigger, such as a pressure plate, switch, or timer. These blocks are useful for creating traps, floodgates, hidden passages, drawbridges (eg. over water, lava, or empty space), skybridges, and much more.

  • While in their Active state, these blocks look and behave as ordinary stone blocks inhibiting movement, allowing entities to stand or walk on them, blocking light, and containing liquids.
  • When in their Inactive state, they are still visible, but look and behave instead as background stone wall tiles. They are essentially empty space, allowing the passage of players, items, liquids, light, etc.

Both the Active and Inactive phases can be crafted. Players will usually want to craft the Active version, as the Inactive blocks cannot be placed next to each other without the support of other adjacent foreground blocks. Active blocks do not have this shortcoming, and switching them to Inactive afterwards using wires will still provide the same outcome.

Placing Active Stone Blocks, switching them to Inactive with wiring, then mining them and picking them up again, will cause you to pick up Inactive blocks, and vice-versa.

Active/Inactive Stone Blocks occur naturally in boulder traps found in the cavern layer, where Active blocks that are wired to pressure plates suspend a Boulder in the ceiling. An enemy or player walking on the Plate cause the Active blocks to turn Inactive, allowing the Boulder to fall through and damage whomever is below.

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